Fear of Elevators – Where Does That Come From?

There is a phobia that is more prevalent than most people are aware of. Some people feel scared or have an underlying concerned feeling when they have to ride in an elevator. This becomes more proclaimed when they are required to ride on an elevator that becomes increasingly more crowded as it ascends or descends to their chosen floor.

Those type of situations today are few and far between. Think about what danger meant to us back when our species was new. It meant not being captured and eaten.

Does that type of scenario come up for us often in our daily life? Hardly! But responses are just the same as if we were being faced with life or death choices every time we are faced with this fear response. So we can safely say that this is an incorrectly learned response. You can read more about claustrophobia by visiting http://myclaustrophobia.com/.

So where does that incorrect response come from? It's not possible to accurately predict where your fear of elevators originated. If it's necessary to uncover the source of your problem in order to neutralize it, then using hypnotic techniques is one of the ways that will provide access to the answers that are needed. 


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