If You Are False Accused What Actions Can You Take

What Steps Criminal Lawyers Need

to Take When a Person is Falsely Accused?

A situation can arise where a person with bad intentions falsely accuses another person for some type of criminal offense which other person did not commit. Reasons with respect to why someone may do something like that can be varied. This is the main issue we will focus on here in the following sections and examine details of why someone will make an attempt to accuse you and legal steps your Toronto criminal lawyer should be taking to protect you from such charges.

Six Main Rational Motive for False Accusations

Revenge / Property Issues / Divorce Proceedings / Custody Proceedings / Criminal Deeds Committed by Complainant

There could be different reasons why someone will provide a false statement to enforcement agencies. Common reasons consist of:

  • Intentions to take revenge.
  • To disqualify a spouse or partner from getting a share in the house.
  • To weaken your position in a divorce or custody case.
  • For placing false blame on you for a criminal deed complainant commits.

Two Important Steps for Defending False Accusations

Hire an Experienced Lawyer / Prepare Necessary Documentation

Toronto criminal lawyerStep #1: Find a Lawyer – First of all you will have to appoint a Toronto criminal lawyer to examine the case so that strategy can be developed for defending your position when trial starts.

Step #2: Prepare Documentation – Next task will comprise of detailed documentation of information which can be useful in strengthening your position in the case and in getting a not guilty verdict. The documentation needs to include:

  • Photos, video-graphs as well as letters
  • Text messages, voice messages and emails
  • Various financial documents as well as receipts
  • Personal notes providing details of different events that have taken place or information about nature of contact both you and complainant had.

Getting a Not Guilty Verdict

  • Prove Innocence: Proving innocence will be required even if accusations are withdrawn or when you get a not guilty verdict. As such, it will be important to gather evidences that assist in proving that:
    • Evidences were made-up
    • Complainant lied and/or 
    • Wrong evidences were provided to court
  • Collect Evidences: It will be necessary for your Toronto criminal lawyer to collect evidences consisting of; court certified transcripts, statements collected by police and other records you managed to keep.

Actions Against Complainant

After your innocence has been proved, next thing to do will be to bring criminal charges. You get the chance to file many different charges against complainant such as:

  • Perjury as well as public mischief
  • Accusation for giving false statement and fabricating evidences
  • Accusation for furnishing contradictory evidences and for creating obstructions in justice

A Final Note

As we can see defending false accusation can be a rather complex task for which you will have to take help of an experienced Toronto criminal lawyer. A lawyer will be able to collect all necessary evidences and successfully fight on your behalf against such false accusations to get a not guilty verdict. The lawyer can also assist you in taking necessary action against the complainant for such false accusations.


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