The Advantages of Investment Property in Turkey

Land investment is among those crucial activities of a market, demonstrating a growing industry in Turkey.

In addition to the constant rise of the land market, property investment can also be progressing in the country according to the resurgences and the interest is given to this by many organizations and associations.

The land investment industry in Turkey can provide expertise in multi and single property ownership properties, rent, leasing, inspections, budget forecast, accounting as well as strict excellent control in landscaping, security, cleaning, maintenance services, and administrative support.

Huge residential lands, single tower and multi-tower residential properties, industrial buildings, commercial premises, regional shopping centers and parking areas, are among the property possessions being spent in Turkey.

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Besides this property management industry, land investment in Turkey also involves land investment services and advantages.

The land industry agencies in Turkey comprise the discussion of lease renewal and rent review, the number of rental and various charges, processing, and management of tenancy documentation, asset management, and capital improvement as well as cash flow projection and evaluation.

Valuation and estate surveying, property service, projection, asset consultancy and capital budgeting will also be one of the numerous services offered by the land property management industry of Turkey.

But due to the continuous increased in budget shortage, fresh legislation, policies, and regulations on land investment and the rising real estate market, the Turkish government has steadily increased acutely in considering privatization in addition to various property investment approaches for its own assets.

On the international stage, capitalizing on the value out of real estate assets possessed by the government is not any longer a new trend. Back in 1984, the privatization of companies and associations that led to a GBP raise of 7.4 billion had contributed to the international endorsement of the privatization clinic.


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