Places To Visit In Jerusalem

Jerusalem – the holy city, is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places on earth. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and also has some trendy neighborhoods to visit. You can also get more information about beautiful tourism place – Jerusalem.

Here are some spots and places which you should not miss when you are planning to visit Jerusalem-

  1. Western wall sockets – the must-see appeal in Jerusalem. If you only have a day at the Town and can not determine what to do with it this is the location. The tunnels have just been available for a few decades, and an entry fee is simply symbolic.
  2. The archaeological encounter – year-old Relics along with your hands, at the ruins of the Temple Mount. This action satisfies all ages, particularly families and types of children.
  3. The water – Enjoy a thrilling underground Experience by lamplight, in an early water tunnel. Also suggested for all ages, particularly families and types of children.
  4. The Ramparts walk – Walk across the city walls And learn more about the historical walls of Old Jerusalem.
  5. Time elevator – Love a fun journey to Jerusalem’s future and past.
  6. Panoramic view in double-decker Bus – only like in London, Jerusalem currently also includes a bus excursion. Fantastic for pleasant weather days, also for elderly people.
  7.  Herzel Museum – The Herzl Museum provides a Spectacular audio-visual experience using the 3visionary of the Jewish State, and Provides a thought-provoking, concerning the standing of the Jews based on Herzl. Situated at Mount Herzl.



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