How to Get Skipper Licence in Croatia?

You have decided to ‘hire a vessel’ (also known as ‘najem plovil‘ in the Slovenian language) for you and your family members, friends, and business partners? If that’s the scenario, you’re at the ideal location. But, before the charter, you need to check if you or your skipper on board possess all the essential documents.

In Croatia, according to regulations skipper needs to really be licensed to deal with all types of vessels. Must possess a valid license for vessels at sea. Any person who wishes to operate the boat needs to have a very valid and proper license in light of regulations enforcement.

In Croatia, it is likely to acquire a license within one evening, after passing the exam. The exam must be registered in advance at least 7 days at the nearest Harbor Captains Office (Port Authority) at which you would like to pass on the exam. 

Port Authorities organize exams one or two times a week season and less often during the past season. Exams are organized in the morning or afternoon, depending on the spot.

For example, port jurisdiction in Zadar organizes exams on Wednesday and Friday at 14h, at Sibenik on Tuesday at 15h and port authority in Split on Monday in 15h. You should arrive an hour or so earlier to prepare all essential paperwork.

In any scenario, it is necessary to look over the phone when the exam will be organized, register up and announce that your arrival beforehand. The examination cost 900.-Kunas (approx. 120.-EUR) and comprises a VHF permit, or permit to use radio station.

You’ve got to take two photos, moderate sized (3 × 4 cm), and also a passport photocopy (for foreigner clients). There’s also a textbook (guide) available in the A4 format at approximately 25 pages. Price 370.-Kunas (approx. 50.-EUR).


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