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All About  Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are very common in sport and normal functional activities with millions of people suffering this kind of injury every year. Ankle bracing and taping is used to treat ankle sprains and to try and prevent such injuries in sporting activity.

Ankle sprains are mostly caused by landing from a jump with the foot in an inverted position to some degree, with some loss of the joint position sense being a risk factor for this injury.

Ankle sprains grade gently into ankle fractures so a formal assessment is useful if the injury appears severe.


The reason for increased ankle stability is not clear, but research work indicates that the taping may increase the proprioception or joint position sense of the ankle, allowing the person to more accurately gauge their ankle position and correct any deviations from the stable position.

Nonrigid braces are made of fabric of some kind, with elastic in some braces, but these braces do not impart any stability to either side of the ankle and may again function by increasing the joint position sense of the joint and aiding stability actively. If you want to buy any Ankle Brace then check out this source- Ankle Support Brace- Sports Ankle Brace | TryaBrace.

Physiotherapists use braces to prevent injury and to manage athletes in the rehabilitation period after injury, allowing a return to sporting activity sooner than would be possible without a brace.