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How To Authorize/Endorse A Check

For most people, when they are given a check, they tend not to know what to do with it. Here is how one can endorse a check. On the front of the check there is a “pay to the order of” line. This is where you write the name of the person, business or organization you are making the payment to. If the check is payable to more than one person, both parties are required to endorse the check.

Here is an example. When a check is made payable to George newton, here are some of his options on what to do with the check. If he wants to deposit the check into his own bank account, he can sign his name on the top line under the “endorse here”. This is found on the back of the check. He should write “for deposit only” under “the endorse here “line together with his account number. This way, the money will be deposited into his account.

If George newton wants to sign the Checks Unlimited check to someone else, he will need to sign his name under the “endorse here” line. He will sign his name and write “pay to the order of” and write the other person’s name. This way, he will give the check to the other person to cash in. If he wants to cash the check, George newton needs to take the check to the bank and sign his name under the “endorse here”. He will then provide his photo id so that he can receive the checks payment in cash.