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Throwing a Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

If you are planning to throw a Unicorn theme party for your little girl on her birthday, you should get your discount party supplies and decorations right. For an easy decorating option, go for the Enchanted Unicorn Deluxe Pack of discount party supplies. It comes with everything you need to make the party room pretty, including a shimmery tablecloth, a stand-up centerpiece, a foil balloon, 18 pink, red and blue balloons and coordinating crepe paper and curling ribbon, pink heart confetti, cake candles, and all the unicorn tableware you need for eight little guests: dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, and napkins. And for $12.99, the unicorn photo prop is a great way to dress up the party room. Tack it up on the wall and use it as a backdrop for individual photos of the girls. You can use the photos to print out personalized thank-you card keepsakes to send after the party.

Rainbow theme

You can also go with a rainbow theme in either brights or pastels. Either way, have fun mixing and matching the colors of the party supplies: red tablecloth, yellow and orange napkins, blue plates, green cups, purple cutlery, and so on. You’ll find lots of solid-color, mix-and-match tableware at Birthday Express. A balloon rainbow is also an inexpensive and spectacular way to dress up a party room: purchase balloons in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, and tack them to the wall with double-sided tape to form a rainbow. You can also order the unicorn centrepiece, and buy rolls of crepe paper in a rainbow of colors.

Unicorn carousel

This is a wonderful centerpiece for the party room, and not difficult to make. Purchase a plain paper parasol and spray paint it gold or silver. Stand the parasol up by sticking the handle in a block of foam. Loop rainbow-colored crepe paper along the edges of the parasol. Now take five or six 28” inflatable unicorn toys and arrange them around the carousel. This very pretty centerpiece can stand in the middle of the party table, or off to one side for the kids to play with. At the end of the party, each child can take home a unicorn as an addition to their Unicorn gift bags!

Enchanted forest

Instead of decorating with a rainbow theme, you can create an “enchanted forest.” Go with a green tablecloth and tableware, and tack green crepe vines and green construction paper leaves to the walls. Tack pretty butterfly cut-outs all over the walls, and scatter flower and ladybug stickers ($3.49 from Celebrate Express) over the green table. Make unicorn headbands for each party guest to wear: hot glue a rolled gold cardstock cone to a thick plastic headband ($4.80 per dozen on Amazon), and cover the headband with paper or silk flowers!

Should normal people look at purchasing discount party supplies?

It has been said that the primary purpose of purchasing discount party supplies is to ensure that the people that sell them have an ample amount of stock. However, it has been rightly said that most of the people that look to purchase discount party supplies are also those that are in the decoration industry, particularly working closely with party decorations. These are the people that are primarily the beneficiaries when it comes to the procurement of discount party supplies.

By far and large, one of the best things that can come in to the measure when it concerns the discount party supplies is the beauty with which people will be able to enjoy and have a wonderful time in using this wonderful product. So, it is now high time for the general public to enjoy the benefits associated with the discount party supplies and get to know about all the beautiful things that can be done to the party with such proper supplies. To help you understand the consequences, one has to realize that the procurement of discount party supplies will need to be done with reputed people, people that actually have a lot to lose in case they end up giving you a fraudulent product.

Hosting a Party for Friends with Discount Party Supplies

Are you entrusted with the responsibility of hosting a party for your friends? If yes, then the first thing that would make you sweat may be the money that you have to spend on getting the party supplies and decorations needed for hosting the party. Before you set out to purchase the party supplies, you need to find out the right places to buy discount party supplies. Unless you find discount party supplies to purchase, your party hosting costs may end up going through the roof. If that happens, it may leave you scarred forever and you would be afraid of hosting a party again.

The kind of party decorations which you put up for the party represent your taste and style. So, it is not enough if you simply buy discount party supplies. You also need to get supplies and decorations which look attractive and appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of your party guests. Of course, since you are only going to invite your friends as guests for the party, you need not get any over-the-top stuff. Just simple and attractive party supplies and decorations would do. It has become easier to find such attractive discount party supplies on the internet nowadays. You don’t have to go anywhere looking for them.