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Becoming a Family Law Mediator

The main role of a family law mediator is to settle a problem or a conflict outside of court. The dispute can be of any sort – it can be a divorce settlement, child custody, property disputes and so on. A mediator is supposed to help both the participants negotiate and prepare settlement papers for resolve.

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1. Undergraduate Degree

There is no specific degree to continue a career in family law mediation. You can do any bachelors program that includes courses related to child psychology, child development, human psychology, family studies, family and similar courses. Most of psychology and law majors pursue careers as family law mediators. 

2. Consider Law School

It is not essential to have a degree in law to pursue this career. If you have attended law school it is guaranteed to be beneficial for you as you will have the knowledge of law when you practice as a mediator. It widens your aspect to get better jobs.

3. Earn Master's Degree

It is not necessary to have a master’s degree in mediation but if you have one it boosts your chances of getting a promotion or a better job. Usually master’s program is 2 years long, you can also get enrolled in an online master’s course that includes course work related to gender, psychology, power, culture, conflict management, ethics and similar courses.

4. Pursue Certification

Mediation certification programs are offered by many colleges, universities and even some professional organizations. Usually these programs are 40- hours long. This certification is often pursued by administration professionals and people from the legal profession.

Above mentioned are a few ways through which you can enter in a career as a family law mediator.