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The Benefits Of Using a Canadian Hosting Company

What Is Web Hosting

Anyone that is thinking about bringing their business to the Internet will require a web hosting service to store all their files and documents. A web host will retain all those files on a web server and make it possible for people to view those files on their computer, while they are on the Internet. The good news is that those seeking Canadian web hosting are in luck. There are web hosting companies that operate exclusively in Canada, providing great and very secure hosting for their Canadian clients. Certainly, this is welcomed news for Canadian residents worried about security and safety online.

Web Hosting Important Services

Canadian web hostingOf course, the most important service that is provided by the hosting company is a place to park your domain. The domain is the name of your online business. The host provides the domain with an address or URL. Visitors must type in the URL to reach the domain site online. In addition, it is important to note that today most hosting companies provide their customers with a domain name and domain name registration. They also might provide email addresses, customer support, and technical support for the customer. Services provided by the web host vary. Therefore, it is important to research Canadian web hosting services and select the one that provides the type of services that you require. 

Web Hosting Packages

There are several web hosting types to consider. For example, a big business might prefer an e-commerce web hosting packages. A small business might prefer a basic business web hosting package. Research packages before making a final choice.

Advantages of server colocation

When it comes to server colocation, some of these data center will charge people according to the space that the actual server takes up inside the building. Depending on the provider, colocation could turn out to be more expensive than hosting your own servers, but in most cases, it is cheaper. For a bigger volume, some centers will offer a discount. Truth be told, there are little disadvantages when turning to server colocation. The only downside would be the difficulty to get physical access to the server when looking to upgrade or change the equipment, because there are high chances that the datacenter that hosts your servers is located miles away and can be difficult to reach. However, when you do reach the facility, you will have supervised access to your servers at any time.

The best part about server colocation is the fact that you get tech support the entire time. Engineers are hired to maintain these servers and in case something does crash, you have a professional nearby ready to handle the problem. Even more, the servers are stores in rooms with special lighting and an adequate temperature. They are safe from any external factor that could cause them to malfunction. They are kept away from direct sunlight, moisture, freezing, but are kept in rooms which are properly ventilated so that the equipment won’t overheat and get damaged.

Another important advantage about server colocation is that if your website has a huge amount of traffic, you can also get higher bandwidth to support this traffic. This prevents your website from crashing and you won’t end up having frustrated customers which are annoyed by the fact that your website keeps giving out errors. Power outages are no longer a problem, as these datacenters have powerful backup generators that can keep all servers up and running until the power is back.