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Tips for Planning a Great Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Tips

When most people picture their dream wedding, it is probably during the warmer seasons. However, there are many advantages to having a winter wedding, and in this article, we will examine those as well as some tips for ensuring a successful winter wedding. 

Tips for Planning a Great Winter Wedding

Advantages of Having Your Wedding in Winter

wedding ceremony locationsThe biggest advantage of a winter wedding is the price. Having your wedding in the offseason will save you a substantial amount of money.  You may be able to use these savings for a more substantial honeymoon or just as a way to avoid starting your marriage with a large amount of debt. 

Use the Weather as a Theme

There are so many ways to incorporate the snowy weather into your theme, making for a cozy and romantic wedding. From the invitations, decorations, lighting, and signature drinks, there are opportunities everywhere to use the weather as part of your general wedding theme.  

Choose an Appropriate Venue

When looking at wedding ceremony locations for a winter wedding, keep in mind that the weather may make traveling difficult, and a remote location may mean last minute cancellations. When you are looking at the potential venues, pay attention to how the weather may make it more difficult for people to actually get into the building, especially if you have older guests or guests with physical disabilities. 

You may want to consider looking for venues that you can have both your ceremony and reception at, as this would cut down on travel times, and would let people get comfortable without worrying about more travel.

Keep Everyone Warm!

Keeping everyone comfortable and warm during your wedding will be another area you will have to consider. If you are planning on a quick outdoor service, provide warm blankets and possibly even a winter tent.  If permitted, heaters around the seating can help as well. If your service is inside, you should also be sure to provide some sort of warmth, especially if the venue is drafty or old. 

While most guests will be dressed for the cold weather, your wedding party and bridesmaids will not necessarily have that option. Be sure to provide some sort of shawl or warm cover for them so that they are comfortable during your service.

Other Things to Consider

There are a few other things that will need consideration when planning a winter wedding, including:

Light – During the winter you will lose light earlier, so plan your photos and timelines accordingly.

Footwear – With people walking in with snow on their feet, wet shoes will definitely be a problem. Consider asking guests to bring a pair of indoor shoes, or provide slippers for them

Beauty Care– With cold weather there will be other skin, makeup, and hair concerns that will come up. Be sure to address these with your stylist so that you are fully prepared for the day


A winter wedding can be a beautiful thing. Be sure to look around for the best wedding ceremony locations to really compliment your winter wedding theme